Noelle CelliniBring some order, style and clarity to your wardrobe with help from a style expert.

Closet Organization

Most people have a hard time getting rid of things.  It’s much easier when you have a professional gently guiding you in the right direction.  With Noelle’s help, you’ll decide what to keep, what to get rid of and what needs to be tailored.  You’ll also create new outfits.  Noelle can easily tell you what’s the “old you” and help you define your sense of style.  A follow up with a shopping list with specific suggestions and shopping guidelines is available for an additional fee.

Personal Shopping

You can choose to shop with Noelle, or she can shop for you.  Either way, the stress and confusion melts away as you let a professional do the work for you.  If you opt to go shopping together, you’ll learn how to navigate a store, discover new brands and find some pieces you never would have tried on your own!  Shopping becomes painless and fun.

If you want Noelle to shop for you, she’ll come prepared with many different options.  She’ll help you decide what looks best and how to incorporate the new pieces into your wardrobe.  Shopping without having to set foot in the store-now that’s luxury!

Skype Consultations

Noelle can help you edit your wardrobe and decide which pieces are best for you.  She can determine which items are dated, what needs to be tailored and what you’re missing.  No travel needed and no dust bunnies will be seen!

Closet Update

It’s never a good idea to let your closet get out of control.  A Closet Update makes sure that you are always looking your best.  Noelle will make an updated shopping list.  She’ll tell you what needs to go and how you can evolve even more with your personal style.  It’s even more fun the second time around!

*This service is available for clients who have already done a Closet Organization.


Imagine having a stylist in your back pocket.  If you’re a busy executive or a woman who always has to look très chic, then this is right service for you.  Noelle can pick up pieces that will make your wardrobe look fresh and exciting.  She can even be on the look out for your favorite brands (on sale!).  Remember, she’s always in the stores and knows exactly what to add to bring everything together.   This service can also include putting together outfits weekly or monthly.


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  • “Pull yourself together. Always. Everywhere. Whether you’re going to the deli or on a date, every occasion has minimum standards. Try to meet them.”
    ~ Esquire, Style Rules

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