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  • “Give ‘em what they never knew they wanted.” ~ Diana Vreeland

Noelle Cellini

I don’t love fashion.

I also don’t like logos; logos are what you buy. Style, however… well that’s something entirely different. Style is how you put it all together (regardless of the label) and I’m passionate about helping men and women develop and refine their personal style.

I want you to know what it feels like to look your best, every day!

I started my consulting business after graduating from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University in 2003 (my mom made sure this part made it into the bio :). Very quickly, I started writing a monthly newsletter that became quite popular.

Based on the feedback I received from the newsletter, I soon realized one of my biggest talents – the ability to explain the “how” and “why” of style. One client told me I am almost “clinical” in my approach! This, of course, is a compliment.

There are lots of fabulous inspirations!

However, if you don’t understand how it came together, you’ll never be able to do it without a stylist by your side. Therefore, in November 2013, I developed the first online school, The Style Academy, to educate men and women on the basics of fit, color, prints, accessorizes and the elements of true personal style. The lessons cover a range of topics from how to buy the basics to mixing prints, using the color wheel, avoiding "matchy, matchy" and more.

group trips

In October 2012, I also launched the first of my small group trips. Paris, of course, was my first choice. The itinerary is filled with activities and stores women of all shapes and sizes can enjoy. We shop for jewelry, scarves, make our own perfume and take a private cooking class. What a fabulous way to explore a city – with a stylist by your side!

These trips have proven to be great for sisters, mothers and daughter, and girlfriends, but with only five women on the trip, people quickly make new friends. Small and intimate, these trips never feel like a tour.

Along with the one week trip to Paris, I now offer a trip to Milan & Lake Como, a day trip to Chicago, and a weekend trip to New York City. I do a small style presentation each morning so once again, I make style fun and informative.

The world of style can be intimidating.

I can relate; I know shopping can be overwhelming. I also know you have a vision of how you want to look, but are perhaps a little unsure of how to get there. That’s why I’m here – to help you pull it all together and make the whole experience less stressful and more productive.

Be in the know.

My subscribers are the first to know about any of my new trips, offerings or latest style tips. It’s FREE and I’d love to hear how I can help you on your style journey.

Here’s to being your best and most stylish self today – not just someday!

Random Facts

Random Facts & Questions

It’s hard for me to a go a day without dessert. I love my chocolate or anything sweet!

When I was little, I used to introduce myself and say, “Hi, I’m Noelle and no I wasn’t born at Christmas.” I’ve grown out of that introduction; it doesn’t bother me now if people ask if I was born at the holidays. :)

I save, (and yes, sometimes iron), beautiful ribbon to be used the next time I wrap a package

Is there anything you’ve worn and regretted?

Yes, of course! Overalls – so not flattering since they’re loose at the top and don’t go in at the waist and with that wide leg – ick! And square-toed boots – so clunky and so ‘90s!

What’s the one item you always get rid of first in a person’s wardrobe?

For men, it would be the very corporate light blue shirt. Blue is fine, but a richer, more saturated blue is usually more modern and flattering. If it has a small pattern (which is still very versatile), then that’s even better!

In a woman’s closet, it can vary from square-toe shoes (those always go right away!) to blazers that are too long (they can overwhelm the body), to oatmeal-colored sweaters – such a drab color and it’s so hard to wear!

Dream wardrobe swap?

Rene Russo in the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair and anything Marion Cotillard wears!

What’s your favorite book about fashion?

Deluxe by Dana Thomas. If you love fashion, you must read it. If you’re in fashion, you must read it. If you hate fashion, you must read it.

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